• The day will articulate around 3 axes

    1. Understanding and licensing IP in the field of data science
    2. Universities: Developing an IP licensing strategy that promotes a sustainable ecosystem
    3. SMEs and start-ups: Working with universities to build your IP. Identify sources of funding for R&D

    Symposium Objectives


    For all participants:

    • Discover the key elements of a project in artificial intelligence
    • Become more knowledgeable about IP in the field of data science
    • Learn about potential IP protection strategies
    • Recognize how and when to use each strategy

    For universities:

    • Become familiar with different types of licensing strategies
    • Understand the issues faced by members of the ecosystem
    • Examine simple and effective licensing agreement processes
    • Determine policy guidelines for negotiation and IP management

    For SMEs and Start-ups:

    • Understand how to engage with universities when licensing technologies or signing research contracts
    • Learn about benefits and available financial levers
    • Identify available university technologies and potentially valuable expertise
    • Discover financing options for your R&D

    For investors in tech companies:

    • Discover avenues for enhancing IP assets of portfolio companies
    • Understand IP issues during investment evaluation
    • Identify how to build and secure value in portfolio companies

    Target Audience

    1. SMEs and start-ups (core AI or user AI)
    2. University technology transfer offices, research offices, academic administrators, research group managers, university research commercialization agencies
    3. Investors in the tech sectors (Angels, VC and growth)

    4. IP, legal and strategic advisors

    • Regions: Canada and USA
    • Simultaneous interpretation services from French to English will be available.
    • Presentations will be filmed for future reference.
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